Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Fever

I am so DONE with winter.

Just to recap, since you haven’t heard from me in recent months, here is a simple review of October through February:

Taylor has runny, goopy, Snotzilla nose (see previous post).

Stuffy nose leads to ear infection.

Taylor takes antibiotics for ten days.

Antibiotics create a terrible, raw diaper rash.





And somewhere in there was Thanksgiving, the birth of my first nephew - my dad’s and brother’s namesake - precious baby Dale Sorlie Ness III (kissy-kisses!), Christmas, the start of new year 2011, and Taylor’s 3rd birthday. Not to mention a busy fourth quarter for my law practice (which was good, but made for some tricky juggling of mommy hat and lawyer hat).

We’ve been to the pediatrician monthly, sometimes weekly. This past weekend, we went Friday and Saturday. We have every diaper rash remedy known to man – creams, lanolins, Aquaphor, anti-bacterial prescription meds, anti-fungals, Maalox, zinc oxide, corn starch, baking soda, paste and paste and triple paste. Nothing beats this brutal diaper rash. Feel free to send ideas!? We’re desperate.

Right now, Taylor is on the second day of her fifth round of antibiotics. This is the third type of antibiotic we’ve tried so far and its most common side effect is diarrhea – oh, yay. I’m bracing for severe diaper rash to follow and trying to entice Taylor into cute little panties as quickly as possible. But current potty-training efforts have resulted in pee on the floor and carpet with no pee yet in the potty. Sigh.

Please forgive my long absence from blogging. Please keep reading. I’ll be back with more frequent posts as the weather warms, the germs dissipate, the potty-training succeeds, and we all move from actual fever to spring fever.


Brooke said...

so glad you are back! nice to see you in the coffee house as opposed to the coughee house!...b

Kristen said...

Thanks, Brooke!!! It is nice to be back - both in the blogosphere and in the "coffee" house! :) :)

Joshua said...

Any improvement on the "repeat, repeat, repeat" or training fronts?


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